How to stop smoking and have a positive outset

How To Stop Smoking – And Be Happy About It!

Usually, when people want to get some advice on how to stop smoking, they refer to the process of giving up cigarettes – how to cope with the first few days or how to distract yourself from the cravings. However, there is another side to this question – not how to stop smoking, but how to decide to stop.

Most commonly, smokers do not manage to get themselves to the point when becoming a non-smoker is a certainty. We all understand the health implications of smoking – lung disease, impotence, reduced life expectancy – but when you consider kicking the habit, it is easy to lose focus on this and only consider the short-term consequences.

Understand The Benefits

In theory, the process of giving up smoking is difficult, stressful, and has a very real impact upon your happiness. After all, it is likely that you will become more irritable for a short period as your body craves the nicotine that it has become familiar with. In addition, stress comes from the feeling that you are not up to this mammoth task, or that, should you ever want a cigarette again, you have failed to take control of your life.

However, according to a recent study in the United States, the majority of people who stop smoking are considerably happier as a result. The study, looking at approximately 1500 people, analysed happiness using a number of distinct measurements across health, self-image and the quality of personal relationships. These criteria were balanced against each other to reveal that, with the right help to meet their goals, people were happier just one year after quitting – and grew even happier with their lives after three years.

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Reclaim Control Of Your Life

With this new evidence in hand, what possible reason could be left to keep up the destructive habit of smoking? Previously, smokers would argue that cigarettes made them happy, or relaxed, and that this made the staggering health dangers acceptable. However, evidence shows that those who find out How to Stop Smoking and quit are not only likely to live longer – but also to be happier.