Hair loss treatment for men – how to have healthy hair growth

Hair Loss Treatment For Men – Top Tips For Healthy Hair Growth

As men get older, they are increasingly at risk of developing androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness. This is the most common hair loss cause in men, which starts with a receding hairline and continues until hair is lost on the top of the head. Thankfully, this gradual hair loss can be slowed down with a good hair loss treatment and in some cases, hair can even re-grow.

Just follow these tips to create a successful regime of hair loss treatment for men suffering from male pattern baldness.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation is a dependable solution that guarantees brilliant results.  It can help enhance and restore your hairline and appearance without any surgery. It’s a cosmetic tattoo which is applied by a specialist. It helps men with hair loss by giving them natural results and it’s a long-term, solution.

Cut The Tips of Your Hair Regularly

If you are already using a method of managing your hair loss, you will most likely have some amount of growth in areas that may have previously been bald. Just like with the flowers in your garden, snipping off the ends of the hair is a fantastic way to encourage stronger growth. Once a month, trim the affected areas to stimulate hair growth.

Stimulate The Scalp

Strands of hair grow out of follicles all over the scalp but in male pattern baldness, these follicles become reduced in size. There is some evidence that massaging the scalp with the fingertips every morning for up to half an hour is an effective method of increasing hair growth, as it helps to open up the follicles and allows hair to grow through. By stimulating the scalp, you could give your hair the best chance to grow steadily.

Use A Quality Hairbrush

Whilst some of the hair loss treatments on the market are concerned with increasing hair growth in key areas that often become bald, it is vitally important to take good care of the hair that you already have in place! Invest in a high quality hairbrush that uses natural bristles that are gentle on the hair. If you regularly brush your hair with bristles made of plastic or metal, you will be gradually damaging the hair on your head and are likely to make your hair loss problem even worse.

Keep A Diet That Is High In Minerals and Vitamins

In order for good hair growth to occur, the body needs a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. In particular, for good results and reliable hair growth, you should ensure that you have high levels of vitamin B, vitamin C and biotin in your diet. These substances will help to increase the strength of your existing hair, preventing further hair loss. If your diet does not supply you with the nutrients you need, why not try a good multi-vitamin supplement?

Medical Hair Loss Treatment For Men

At the end of the day, these tips for hair loss treatment work for some people and not for others. Sometimes, keeping up a regime of scalp stimulation and looking after existing hair is simply not enough to prevent baldness. There are a number of hair loss treatments available by prescription, such as Propecia. This powerful and highly effective baldness treatment helps to open up the follicles on the scalp, allowing hair to grow proudly out from areas that were previously balding or thinning.

Enjoy Your Hair

Above all else, you should remember that male pattern baldness is a common problem and that your hair loss need not define your identity. There is some suggestion that stress can worsen male pattern hair loss, so try not to worry and simply follow the simple steps above to increase your chance of healthy hair growth. Whatever hair loss treatment for men you decide to use, keeping your hair quality and regular new growth is sure to restore your lost confidence.