Could busyness be an advantage? Stop relaxing

Could busyness be an advantage?

Working long hours, lots of responsibility, high pressure, high focus. Throw a busy family life in on top. “Finding the time to transform my health is just not possible”.

I used to think like that, and my clients with their own businesses or high-pressure jobs used to say the same. I’ve now completely reversed my position. The devil makes work for idol hands, or  hatever… That seems to fit.I think it is really important to have an all-consuming focus that has nothing to do with your health. We are most of us already making a significant number of choices that we hope will move us toward improved health.

A mistake we often make is to overhaul.

We become frustrated with our current situation and attempt to completely change everything. This almost always leads to overwhelm. Too many plates spinning. We grant a situation so much attention that it becomes a frustration. The watch pot never boils. A better strategy is to turn on the kettle, get on with your work and then pop back to check occasionally. Rather than changing course completely, most people only need a minor change in course to achieve significant results. See stress is good.

An alteration to what sits on one-third of a lunch plate, a 5 minute morning ritual, a different breakfast,  sometimes just a different belief. They can all create the most significant of changes. The goal may be to change everything, but the best way to do that is to change just one thing… Then, focus on what’s really important to you. Pop back in a few weeks, measure and change just one
more thing.

Love your busyness…
It was your choice.
Simple ideas, amazing results