Private Orthodontic Treatment

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to achieve harmony and balance between the teeth and face, in other words, a beautiful smile. But there are added benefits too. Find out more.

Crowded or protruding teeth may be more susceptible to decay as well as to gum disease and if your teeth don’t meet properly you can suffer jaw problems. These are just some of the reasons for braces.

Seeing a specialist

It is important to your dentist that at your first consultation, you are examined by a specialist orthodontist. The GDC only allows those who have completed a recognised post-graduate orthodontic training course (usually 3 years) to use this title as evidence of their higher qualification. See: Necessary Qualifications.

This combined with your dentist’s vast experience in orthodontic treatment for children and adults assures that quality and excellence of treatment is second to none.

Your free, first consultation

For a limited time, Marlborough Dental Studio is offering a free, no-obligation consultation with D Stephen Tarr who is the principal dentist at this practice. Find out more.

What are the benefits of braces?

Whilst braces are meant for straightening your teeth, orthodontic appliances often have many more benefits.

  1. Prevents gum disease
  2. Prevents tooth decay
  3. Prevents cavities
  4. Helps with digestion
  5. Prevents injury
  6. Improves self esteem
  7. Helps with jaw proportions

For more benefits of braces, you can visit this website.