Debt and body fat, are they related

Debt and body fat

A large number of professional tennis players were once quizzed on how to perform a forehand stroke. The incredible result of this test was that none of them were even close in their description. These people are the best in the world at what they do and they have literally no idea how they do it.

In this lays the truth behind 99% of our daily actions. The things we say, eat, feel, do for day to day are almost all pre-programmed recipes created over time. For the most part we are blissfully unaware of the ingredients. We think that the emotions behind our eating decisions are arriving just before the conscious decision to eat. In reality that are the tail-end of an emotional recipe that started at some point earlier in the day or even week, month, year.

There is a really simple way out but it’s far from easy. All that is required is that you tell the truth.

It sounds easy but it’s not. Finance companies rely on this, supermarkets relay on this, car manufacturers rely on this.

Find the area of your life that you most struggle with and you will find a truth that is being ignored.

Believe me, this is far from a judgement, in fact it’s the tool I use most frequently to help myself.

older couple on holidayThe things we eat are all responses to emotional recipes. The times at which our eating is most out of alignment with the way we wish it to be usually correlates with the times our life is most out of alignment with how we wish it to be.

When we ask ourselves what we eat we tend to report superficially. It is not until we are willing to document both what we eat and how we felt before and after eating that we are able to see the truth and start to make logical food adjustments.

The same is seen with people in huge amounts of financial debt. Their focus is on spending less and earning more rather than documenting their spending. As soon as they document their spending they able to identify the emotional recipe behind the problem.

The problem is not the problem, the problem is the emotional recipe that concludes in a behaviour you wish to change. Identifying theses recipe only requires truth.