dental implants cost

Is it worth it to get dental implants?

As the rise of dental implants is on the rise, more people are wondering if the dental implants cost is worth it based on how well – or badly – dental implants perform in comparison to their competitors.

Dental implants are used by patients to support one – or multiple – false teeth. They contain a titanium screw which is used to replace the root of a tooth when it is loose, or when it falls.

The main people who use dental implants are people who are struggling with tooth loss. The main reasons people experience tooth loss is due to:

  • Tooth decay
  • Periodontal disease
  • Injuries

dental implants cost

Dental implants can cost an average amount of £2,415 in private dentists across the UK – however, some clinics charge less than the average cost.

Dental patients opt to get implants through a private doctor because the NHS only provides implants to individuals who cannot afford them.

Dentists provide different types of dental implants and recommend their patients with the best one that will fix the problem they are experiencing with their teeth.

1) Single dental implants are provided when the patient is only missing one tooth.

2) Multiple dental implants are given to patients that are missing teeth in different areas of their mouth.

3) Zygomatic implants are available to patients when placing implants on the jawbone is not possible. The implants help attach the bone into the patient’s cheekbone.

4) All-on-Four is for patients that have experienced tooth loss in their lower and upper jaws. Unlike the others, this method of implant shows results on the same day.

Patients who have purchased dental implants said they have noticed many advantages to getting them. The patients said they noticed:

  • It was easier for them to eat
  • Their oral health and self-esteem was better
  • Their appearance, speech and comfort improved
  • The implants were very durable and lasted for many years
  • Their dental implants were convenient for them to remove and store

Customers believe that purchasing dental implants were worth the cost as they noticed there were multiple advantages to their life since buying the implants.

Dental implants helped individuals improve their oral health, physical health as well as their self-esteem.

Instead of basing their purchase solely on the dental implants costs, they saw that the implants would fix the issue they were experiencing and did their research into the different areas related to purchasing dental implants.

When deciding to get dental implants, it is important to look into the different types of implants available as well the costs associated with dental implants.

Don’t just pick the first result you see online, doing research is important when deciding on a clinic because taking risks with the wrong clinic is not worth it.

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