High cholesterol & diabetes – what are the effects?


Simvastatin and Sitagliptin Combination Approved

Treatment for diabetes and high cholesterol has just been approved using simvastatin combined with sitagliptin, drug manufacturer Merck  from America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to offer a new treatment, Juvisync, for use in patients with Type 2 Diabetes. The medicine lowers glucose whilst also lowering cholesterol levels, effectively treating two related medical conditions at once as opposed to just treating diabetes with simvastatin.

Simvastatin and Sitagliptin To Treat High Cholesterol And Diabetes In One Pill

“We are proud to bring forward a treatment option that can help patients who need both glycemic and lipid therapy,” says Barry Goldstein, Vice President of Diabetes and Endocrinology at Merck. “Clinical guidelines put people with Type 2 Diabetes who need glycemic and lipid therapy at the same risk level as those with coronary heart disease, but nearly 40% of eligible patients do not receive statin treatment.”

Type 2 Diabetes is a condition that is experienced by around 20 million people in the US alone, and, being linked to obesity, is thought to be on the increase around the world. In a vast number of cases, type 2 diabetes is accompanied by high cholesterol levels, creating the demand for one treatment that can help with both conditions.

Simvastatin is a powerful medication that can dramatically reduce your cholesterol level and decrease the likelihood of dangerous complications. For more information, click here to read our article Simvastatin Side Effects – The Truth About High Cholesterol Medication.

Effective Treatments For High Cholesterol

When somebody suffers from High Cholesterol, the cholesterol produced in the liver is too much for the body to process, and ends up lining the inside of vital arteries and blood vessels. Statins such as Simvastatin inhibit the amount of cholesterol produced, therefore reducing the risk of a dangerous build-up.

Do you like the idea of reducing the number of individual pills that diabetes sufferers need to take? Have you tried statin treatment for high cholesterol and, if so, did simvastatin work for you? Let us know your thoughts.

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