5 most common questions when it comes to weight loss

Alli Weight Loss – 5 Common Questions About Using Tablets To Lose Weight

The simple fact is that people who are using a weight loss aid often see better results than those who try to go it alone. We discuss some common questions below to see why more and more people turn to products such as Alli weight loss tablets to achieve their target weight. For people suffering the loss of confidence and health implications of obesity, weight loss medications provide a rare opportunity to actually decrease the intake of fat and to ultimately shed extra weight. However, the switch to a pharmaceutical solution is not an easy step to take, especially when media coverage tells overweight people so relentlessly that they can lose weight through nothing more than willpower.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight Through Diet And Exercise Alone?

Even with the best intentions and a great deal of willpower, there are a multitude of factors that can prevent somebody from losing weight through a regular exercise regime and balanced diet alone. In some cases, metabolism issues and a lack of general mobility can mean that, despite how hard people try, they can never seem to reach a healthy weight.

Do Weight Loss Tablets Work?

The human body needs fat in order to function, but medicines like Alli weight loss tablets contain an active ingredient called orlistat that decreases the amount of fat that is absorbed into the body after eating. As a result, the body is forced to start using up your stored fats, slowly decreasing the overall bodyweight. No weight loss medicine works overnight, but using an effective medication can help you to begin the process of losing weight.

How Effective Are Weight Loss Medicines?

It is important to remember that, whatever medicine you are taking, you need a degree of lifestyle change in order to get the best results. That said, many tablets for losing weight boast results of 5-10% weight loss over time. Perhaps more impressively, drugs like Alli weight loss tablets can help you to lose 50% more weight than dieting alone.

Do These Treatments Cause Side Effects?

With any medicine, there is a chance that you will encounter mild side effects, but a large number of people will take a medicine regularly without experiencing any other effects than the desired ones. With some medicine designed to aid losing weight, it is possible to encounter mild gastrointestinal effects, but this is highly dependant on how you take the medicine. By following your doctor’s guidelines and making some dietary changes to complement the medication, you can vastly decrease the likelihood of these side effects.

Will I Need To Take Tablets Forever?

As the majority of overweight people already know, it’s easy to put on weight and it’s very difficult to lose it. In practice, though, once you are in a healthier physical state, you will find it much easier to exercise regularly and stick to the diet you have already become used to during weight loss. Before you begin using a tablet, decide on a target weight that you are going to achieve. Then, once you get to this weight, you can stop taking your weight loss aid if you feel confident that you can stay as you are. Of course, if you find yourself putting on large amounts of weight again quickly, you can always resume taking the tablet.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with the extra assistance that tablets can provide – an effective medication like the Alli weight loss tablet is a proven way to increase the likelihood that you can be healthy and happy with your body again.